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Drive with America’s
#1 CDL PROtection Plan

Let the Pros fight your tickets and keep
you on the road, rolling and earning.

  • 7,000 top-rated trucking attorneys nationwide
  • 1 million traffic violations reduced or dismissed
  • 500,000+ trucking drivers served
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We’ve saved truck drivers nearly a billion dollars over the last 35 years.

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Top 2 Reasons
pro-driver is
the #1 choice
for truck drivers


$0 out-of-pocket access* to the nation’s leading attorney provider network with 7,000 top-rated attorneys to protect your career.

  • Moving, Non-moving and Serious Violations
  • Pre-existing Commercial Citations
    Yes, we handle violations received before enrollment for a handling fee. The fee amount is determined by the specific plan you choose and how many days prior to the court date we receive your citation in our home office. Not available in all states.
  • CSA/DataQ Challenges
    We file DataQ challenges on dismissed, amended, or reduced violations we handle to get point reductions for you and your company’s CSA scores.
  • Cash appearance & Police Bail Bond
  • 25% Off Provider Network Attorney Fees
    for Other Legal Matters
    25% discount off provider attorney fees for other legal matters like wills, incorporations, spouse traffic violations, and more.
*Exclusions and pre-existing ticket fees apply. See membership agreement for specifics.


Save up to $10,000 on fuel and more with Commercial Benefits that increase your take home each week.

  • Fuel & Maintenance Discounts
    Save up to $185/week ($10,000/year) on fuel with the TVC Fuel Card, valid at over 15,000 locations in the US.
  • Commercial Tire Discounts
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Commercial Roadside Dispatch
  • Commercial AD&D
  • Freight Factoring

protect your career and increase profits for less than $2 a day

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Plus, PRO-DRIVER Provides so much more.

Discounts & Rewards

Get exclusive discounts on health care, hotels, and restaurants, and more.

  • Pro-Driver Rewards
  • Car Rental Discount
  • Wellcard Healthcare Discounts
  • EpicVue® Satellite TV Discount
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio Discount

Enjoy free roadside assistance and more for your personal vehicle.

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Emergency Travel
    Reimbursement/Trip Guarantee
  • Theft Reward
  • Ambulance Service Reimbursement

Protection for your spouse too.

  • Moving Violations
  • Provider Attorney Discount
  • Bail Bond Reimbursement
  • Personal Passenger Roadside Assistance
  • Theft Reward

“I’ve had a few tickets.
Never been disappointed.
Not once.”


Just 2 Serious Violations in 3 Years = 60-Day Driver Suspension

Serious violations are easier to get than you think, like driving 15 mph over the speed limit or using your cellphone while driving. And drivers get 2 violations on average per traffic stop.

Get America’s #1 CDL Protection Plan — The Only
One With An A+ Rating From The BBB.

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Sign up for a Pro Plus or VIP Pro membership to gain access to
TVC Fuel Card savings!

One of Pro-Driver’s Most Popular Benefits

Your Fuel Card Savings Will Pay For
Your Membership 10x Over

  • Discounts at more than 15,000 Fueling Locations nationwide
  • Average fuel savings of up to $10,000 a year ($185/week)
*Available only with Pro Plus and VIP Pro plans.


Get exclusive access to nationwide savings on key expenses like tires, healthcare, and
insurance with your TVC Pro-Driver Membership.


Save an average of $100 per tire through our network of national and regional distributors.

*Available only with Pro Plus and VIP Pro plans.
Healthcare discounts

Save 30-50% on healthcare with nationwide access to virtual doctor visits, prescriptions, dental, vision, and more.

Insurance discounts

Save on Occupational Accident and Business Operating Expense coverage to help pay for medical bills, death benefits, and replace lost wages in the event you are unable to work.

“TVC got me off with no points on my record.”


enjoy exclusive discounts

Earn Driver Rewards every month with your active membership to save on your
favorite brands, hotels, restuarants, gift cards.

$50 off brands like Raybans®*, save on Amazon®, and much more. Your Driver Rewards give you discounts where you shop and on the brand-name products, restaurants, and hotels you use most. *Example of savings shown, not necessarily actual savings.

Exclusive Discounts


Rudy Cortez

Rudy has been an Independent Sales Associate for TVC Pro-Driver for over 16 years. He is passionate about helping drivers through situations from start to finish. Rudy is here to serve you and help you receive the best customer service experience possible.

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Over the last 35 years, the drivers we serve have driven hundreds of millions of miles, and we’ve been behind them for every single mile. Join the Pros that won’t roll without TVC Pro-Driver.

Protect your career.

Increase your Profits.

You need Pro-Driver like a doctor needs malpractice insurance—to protect your livelihood.
Don’t let one accident stop you from earning. Don’t get in a truck without Pro-Driver.

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This website gives a general overview of the benefits of membership and coverage. The benefits of membership and coverage described are not available in all fifty States and Canadian provinces. See your Membership Agreement for specific details on terms, coverage, pricing, conditions, and exclusions.
TVC Pro-Driver provides access to a nationwide network of provider attorneys to its members and their covered family members through membership-based participation. TVC Pro-Driver, its officers, employees, and sales associates do not directly provide legal representation or legal advice.

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